Partying with Edmonton’s Latitude 53

August 7, 2008

By Mike Landry

Artist-run centres are pretty cool, but, like a ten-year-old circa 1990 with Reebok Pumps and steps shaved into his hair, Edmonton’s Latitude 53 might just be the coolest kid in its class.

Latitude 53 is wrapping up the second summer of its Rooftop Patio Series—a one of a kind event where the centre blends art, music, drinks, and its sun-drenched rooftop patio. This year the series features weekly guest hosts such as Gilbert Bouchard from the Edmonton Journal, Nokomis clothing, and the University of Alberta’s young alumni.

Designed as a relaxed summer fundraiser, Sydney Lancaster, Latitude 53’s administration’s officer, says it was “a no-brainer” to decide to do another series this summer.

“Rather than doing a huge one off event, we thought the rooftop patio would be a great relaxed way to bring in some revenue to the gallery, have a good time, and connect with the larger Edmonton community,” says Lancaster.


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