Moncton Rocks

August 7, 2008

Appealing to Ottawa’s population of diasporic New Brunswickers and Acadians, SAW Gallery intended to engage an audience that isn’t normally interested in contemporary art. Many visitors are coming for the first time, and they’re coming in astounding numbers.

“It’s fun to get all these different types of people to come into contact with the art and be really happy to see a scene they didn’t know much about before.”

Both the films and the exhibition feature artists who haven’t really been included in wider-Canadian cultural scene before. It’s something St-Laurent says has been a treat for gallery goers.

Scheduled to coincide with the National Acadian Day, St-Laurent is predicting a killer party after the screenings, “so it will end in a kitchen party with some beer and good music.”

Moncton Rock will be on display until Fri August 15, and closes with screenings at 7pm at SAW Gallery: Kacho Komplo by Paul Bossé (52 min, 2002);L’extrême frontière, l’œuvre poétique de Gérald Leblanc by Rodrigue Jean (52 min,2007);Chépa (excerpts) by Paul Bossé and Chris Leblanc (5 min, 1996-98);Acadie Man (excerpts) by Dano Leblanc (5 min, 2006)

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