Pollock and Pollock, Spanking Joni Mitchell

August 7, 2008

By Stacey Ho

Ron Pollock had given up on stardom long ago. It was when The Pollock and Pollock Gossip Show, a wild community-access television show hosted with his sister Natalie, was abruptly canceled in 1989. However, with the help of Daniel Barrow’s touring video archive, The Winnipeg Babysitter, audiences were once again introduced to “Nifty Natalie” and “Rockin’ Ron.” Witnessing the audience’s reaction encouraged Ron Pollock to begin working on a new project after nearly twenty years. “I saw it,” he says. “They were laughing like crazy.”

The new piece, Spanking Joni Mitchell, looks at “the changing roles of women, with rock ‘n roll as a backdrop” and involves working with teen girls, interviewing them about their life experiences. He then develops strategies to draw these emotions out on camera.

“I’ve done some scripting,” says Pollock, “but I’d rather have an outline, and talk with actresses to see if I can get them to use their own emotions rather than a script.”


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