“What do Spaces Really Mean?”

August 7, 2008

By Mike Landry

The non-descript barn on the property in Campbellville, Ontario may have been torn down, but it stands strong in Guelph artist Scott Pattinson‘s acrylics. The barn was on a property Pattinson had been living on four years ago.

The acclaimed architect-turned-abstract artist was so enthralled by the positive energy, craftsmanship, and age of the old barn that his latest series Silence on images. Using other colours as a base, rather than the black that dominated his previous works, Silence abstract images are light yet complex. It’s a simple change that reflects Pattinson’s desire for people to, “get your selves right into things and question things around us.”

“The idea of the barn is that most people would walk into a barn and go “is a barn.” But what really do spaces mean,” asks Pattinson. “The built environments we create are so often done without much thought and sensibility, so we don’t question it.”


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