Cultureless Calgary? No Way!

August 7, 2008

By Mike Landry

If there’s one thing the 21st century is not, says Todorovic Gallery owner Ljubica Todorovic, it’s cultured. She only has to step out of her Gallery into downtown Calgary to know it.

“My parents are from Europe, and I grew up here in Calgary, and it’s so cultureless. It’s all so corporate,” says Todorovic. “What you do is you go to the mall, downtown becomes dead at night. Everyone thinks that Calgary is a horse/cowboy town, but it’s not. It’s just so cultureless.”

That’s why Todorovic is encouraging Calgarians to art up their life with her latest show How to Wow the Neighbours: Redecorate your life with new works by talented artists.


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2 Responses to “Cultureless Calgary? No Way!”

  1. That is the fluffiest pink bunny I’ve ever seen. How much is the fluffy pink bunny painting? If by affordable, you actually mean affordable on a freelance writer’s wage… I’ll take it! However, the obvious appeal of the pink furball to oil barons and cowboys alike probably means I’ve been outbid already…

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