Raunchy Art for Alzheimer’s

August 21, 2008

By Mike Landry

A portrait of Guy Berube and his mother

Billed as “an evening of art, kink, music, video, smut, art, performance, and a few surprises” and promising “to once again shock, stimulate, titillate, unnerve, and as usual, attract the cops ,” there’s no doubt Holy Fuck 5 at Ottawa’s La Petite Mort Gallery is the party of the week.

This year the event features contortionist Sara Banks, performance artist Andrew Harwood in drag as a gypsy fortune reader, and art from Daryl Vocat. But the real star of the night is gallery owner Guy Bérubé’s mother.

“Holy Fuck is actually what came out of mouth when I was sitting at the doctors next to my mom and the doctor said to my mom you have Alzheimer’s,” says Bérubé. “It’s literally what came out of mouth and it’s how I felt ever since.”


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One Response to “Raunchy Art for Alzheimer’s”

  1. Mom Says:

    HOLY F !!
    Don’t even think about it Mike!!!

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