Raunchy Art for Alzheimer’s

August 21, 2008

Holy Fuck was conceived as not only a killer party, but as an unabashed fundraiser for Alzheimer’s disease. Bérubé didn’t want to use sympathy to get people’s attention, and was tired of Alzheimer’s being something you had to be ashamed of. That’s why he’s using a portrait of his mother for fliers and posters.

“I already went through the whole AIDS thing in NY when I lived there for ten years and watched people die with shame and their family had shame. And I’m doing the complete opposite. I’m showing off my mom.”

For the second year in a row, the money raised from Holy Fuck will be used to buy something for the nursing home where Bérubé’s mother lives. Last year he bought them a “big kickass TV and DVD player with a bunch of movies.”

The home is still deciding what the money can be put towards this year. But any donated artwork that doesn’t sell at the party will go to the home to decorate patients’ rooms. Bérubé is hoping some of the raunchier works sell first.

Holy Fuck 5 will have Ottawa’s La Petite Mort Gallery thumpin’ Saturday August 23, from 8pm-12am.

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One Response to “Raunchy Art for Alzheimer’s”

  1. Mom Says:

    HOLY F !!
    Don’t even think about it Mike!!!

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