Let’s Talk About Sex

September 4, 2008

By Mike Landry

A film still from Brian Batista's "Battle Between the Sexes."

Admitting she’s been with thousands of guys, the 23-year-old Marilyn Monroe look-alike being interviewed by video artist Brian Batista tells him bluntly, “I would rather, at any given time, take a condom, put it on a guy’s dick and fuck him, than kiss him.”

That statement was just one of hundreds that destroyed Batista’s preconceived ideas of sex and modern relationships. Batista interviewed dozens of individuals just like Ms. Monroe for his new video project Battle Between the Sexes.

He wasn’t interested in Prince Charmings or Snow Whites, he wanted players. With sex more prevalent than ever in pop culture—from pop star exploits to shows like Keys to the VIP and Neil Strauss’ bestseller The Game—Batista wanted to understand 21st century sex.


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