More than Meets the Mind

September 4, 2008

By Mike Landry

Kristopher Karklin bends reality and art in "No Vacancy."

Emerging photographer Kristopher Karklin isn’t trying to fool you, he just can’t help that he’s so good. Fresh out of ACAD, Karklin is showing four large prints from his series No Vacancy. Although each image looks like a normal, albeit surreal, photograph, they’re all constructed.

“The viewer is approached with a situation that is really seductive and glossy and that really draws them in,” says Karklin. “Once they’re in it becomes really isolated, melancholy and contemplative. You get a sense you’re not in a friendly space.”

Karklin creates his unsettling beauties by photographing small 3×2 foot diorama spaces he constructs out of Masonite and lights in a specific way. He then inserts a scaled down photo of a model, usually nude and facing away from the camera, into the photograph of the diagram.  The effect of the composition is a richness of colour and an absence of tones, creating what Karklin says is a more painterly type of photography.


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