September 4, 2008

An amateur fan of science fiction, Marsh draws on its obsession with fantasy, total fiction and the craftsmanship behind building these artificial worlds. In her own work, Marsh is looking to show the space between where nature and artifice overlap.

“I use that as a way of talking about those kind of ideas—those personal worlds and realities, the impossibility of speaking truth when everything is personalized. I don’t think of it as revealing anything secret about these things. It’s just a way of personally exploring these ideas”

Although Marsh acknowledges it’s easy to read a political message about the environment in her work, that isn’t her intent. More than just the idea of how humanity coexists with nature, she hopes people can see it more as a personal exploration of ideas.

“I think we’re all trained to have a really dualistic view of the world, in that there’s nature and artifice, there’s personal and there is public. But I see things as being a lot more interconnected.

Or I try to see things that way. It’s kind of a push and pull between what I see, what I want to see, and what I think I see. I’m looking at my own struggles with how I see the world and how I want to see the world.”

Topiarium will be on display from Fri September 5th – Sun October 5th at Calgary’s Stride Gallery.

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