Blood, Sweat and Art

September 11, 2008

By Mike Landry
Lewis Hine's classic portrayal of the American worker.

Lewis Hine's "Power house mechanic working on steam pump."

It’s easy to dismiss the 19th century from our everyday lives. It was an era of Napoleonic wars, slave trading and the wild west. But it also was an era that saw the invention of the bicycle, stethoscope, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner and modern computing.

The exhibition Blood, Sweat and Tears: Labour in Art at the Art Gallery of Hamilton aims to show how the 19th century is still alive today. Providing visitors with not just beautiful art from the 19th to the mid-20th century, the show also intends to provide a greater sense of history.

“We’re still continuing that trend of total transformation, which we first saw in the 19th century in industry and the move away from agriculture and the market,” says Dr. Patrick Shaw Cable, who curated the exhibition. “As a person working in an office for a big computer firm it might be interesting for people to be reminded in this day and age who’s making all the money for these workers.”


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2 Responses to “Blood, Sweat and Art”

  1. Reece Says:

    This would be very interesting to show art and technical students in High school..Unfortunately the cost is prohibitive

  2. Patrick Says:

    I thought it would be nice for teachers to know that classes may come for a group tour at a special price of $6 per student.

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