Second Hand Records

September 11, 2008

By Mike Landry
One of Suzie Smith's sil-screen altered record covers.

One of Suzie Smith's silk-screen altered record covers.

American singer Anita Bryant may be a devout Christian and anti-gay crusader, but it’s nothing that Winnipeg-based artist Suzie Smith can’t fix. For her latest project, Second Hand Records, uses silk-screen techniques to mask off and add new images to second hand record covers.

Covering up Bryant’s crucifix chain and the bible she clutches on the cover for her 1962 album, Abiding Love, Smith then surrounds Bryant with menacing dark clouds to create a whole new meaning from the original.

“The project is about communication and media, by what you choose to reveal and what you choose to conceal can say a lot, and you can totally reinterpret that,” says Smith. “It’s almost more like when you’re a little kid and you draw a mustache on something. It’s just taking it further and making a backwards collage of sorts.”


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