The Swimmers

September 11, 2008

By Mike Landry
A video still from Chistophe Jivraj's video insallation, "The Swimmers."

A video still from Christophe Jivraj's video installation, "The Swimmers."

Montreal-based photo/video artist Christophe Jivraj’s doesn’t like to refer to the people featured in his work as subjects. They’re his clients, and, more importantly, his friends.

They’re also students at the Centre d’Activitief Recreatif et Educatief (CARE), in Montreal’s NDG—a school for cognitively lucid and severely physically disabled adults. Jivraj has been photographing and working with them for three years. For his latest work, The Swimmers, is an atmospheric video taken underwater of them swimming.

“Creating this video installation was more like trying to put other people into my shoes and see how beautifully bizarre everything I do with them is,” says Jivraj. “You see these bizarre bodies floating around you, you do get sensorally challenged. You feel like you‘re under water, and you feel the weightlessness. But then you see the bizarreness, and the terrifying tranquility of all of it.”


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