Tony Scherman’s Intimate Drawings

September 11, 2008

By Mike Landry
One of the drawings culled from Tony Scherman's drawers for "Intimate Drawings."

One of Tony Scherman's intimate drawings.

In a 2007 interview published in Border Crossings, Robert Enright referred to the work of Toronto painter Tony Scherman as, “the everyday raised to the level of the monumental.” How fitting it is then that Scherman’s latest exhibition Intimate Drawings focuses on his daily drawings culled from his drawers.

The exhibition was conceived as being something less formal in nature. And rather having any overarching theme, the show is just about drawing. He says if the show has any meaning it will be in the drawings.

“Drawing is kind of like playing scales in painting,” says Scherman. “Drawing is contingent. The paper’s already lit and I’m just passing through. The arrow of time only goes one way in drawing; once you’ve used up all the light you’re done.”


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