One Hip Squeegee Kid

September 25, 2008

“What interests me is the paint. I know that’s an old formalist position, and indeed that’s what I am. I just accept it…I’ve broken it down over the years by presenting this very basic and very simplistic sequence of shapes, and then I have to make them work. If I leave them as they are they’re about as boring as much other art.”

Christie is using more paint than ever is his newest pieces. Layering colour over colour he tries to make his work entertaining and engaging. It only makes sense then that the increase in paint would lead to an increase in a certain hipness to his work.

“I do my best to be audacious with colour and the paint. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, but I keep laying the paint on looking for that quirky spark that I can take off from.”

Continuing trends from recent series and using a squeegee he first used in the 70s creates a corrugated texture to his work. Layard so thick with paint, various bits of underpaint show through retaining the history of his process.

He also cut the edge of the squeegee to make it serrated. Along with the ridges from his gel outline interesting colour patterns appear in his new work—patterns and colours that wouldn’t look out of place at your local Urban Outfitters.

“Painting isn’t dead,” he says. “It’s the paint that fascinates me. And I know this is quite simplistic for me to say, but I no longer try to paint the picture, I try to paint the paint.”

Robert Christie’s new works will be on display from Sat September 27 – Wed October 15 at Edmonton’s Peter Robertson Gallery.

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