Rearing Art

September 25, 2008

By Mike Landry
A video still from one of Takashima pieces for "Blend."

A video still from one of Takashima pieces for "Blend."

You don’t need to visit People Magazine‘s Celebrity Baby Blog to know that motherhood is in -but it sure is worth checking out just for its creepiness. Baby bumps and little munchkins have been tabloid fare for years now. And BC artist Yoko Takashima says it’s only fitting to read about pregnancy in trite tabloids.

“It’s weird the fact that it’s become a popular issue, because it’s not a popular thing. It has been done for centuries,” says Takashima. “Now people are talking about this special thing, but it doesn’t have a citizenship in a contemporary societal world because it’s a trivial activity. It’s not a big deal activity. Instead of talking about that trivial thing [intellectuals] talk about other issues.”

Although she’s investigating the social and political aspects of motherhood, Takashima says she isn’t a feminist. She’s just a mom who happens to be a contemporary artist. And she explores her relationship between the two in her new exhibition, Blend.


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