Regeneration from Regina

September 25, 2008

Although she had entered graduate school in a drawing capacity Scaglione had become overwhelmed with the need to work with material. Wrapped in bales of raw wool she understood how she could use natural material to explore an interest in spiritual consciousness she always had.

Regeneration was originally made for the Art Gallery of Regina’s Pale Blue Dot exhibit, which focused on the impact of human activity on the earth. Looking to move beyond the materiality of the willow huts she was building, Scaglione took the opportunity to begin using video.

“Consciousness transcends physical form, and that’s a really interesting dichotomy in my work. My work is as material driven as it is metaphysically driven…I want to interject these non-material elements of the psychic domain through video.”

But just before she was ready to edit her first video she had to have knee surgery. Rendered completely non-ambulatory she was forced to contemplate stillness like never before. She edited her video to two percent of its original speed and found that video could be mediation on out metaphysical regenerative capacities.

“What I was looking at and wanted to convey was what happens when we slow down our perceptions of ordinary reality we begin to see other dimensions happening in the slowed down reality that we don’t see in our sped up consciousness.”

Reaction to the work has varied depending on how in tune the viewer is with nature and the psyche. One retired Jungian psychoanalyst found the piece powerfully moving, and thought Scaglione was courageous for dealing with her theme. It seems Scaglione isn’t the only one prescribing to the idea of the interconnectedness of our psyche and nature.

“I see these kinds of relationships as vital to the way we respond to life at any level existence—whether we’re communicating with trees, animals each other, a cosmic intelligence. I am very much a part of this entire notion of consciousness and our connectedness with the planet.”

Regeneration will be on display from Thu September 25 – Wed October 22 at the University of Winnipeg’s Gallery 1C03.

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