Days of our Lives

October 2, 2008

By Mike Landry
John Murchie finds his way throug the woods and museum vaults.

John Murchie finds his way through the woods and museum vaults.

Given TV Guide’s nod as the greatest television program of all time Seinfeld revolutionized television with a show about nothing. The characters were free to live their lives episode to episode, often facing mundane situations inspired by Larry David’s daily life.

I’m not sure if New Brunswick-based artist/curator, and Coordinator of Sackville’s Struts Gallery, John Murchie is a fan of the series, but for his latest curatorial project Days of Our Lives brings the genius of the show to Calgary’s Nickle Arts Museum. Working for two weeks in the gallery space, and the museum’s collection of almost 5,000 works, Murchie will assemble an exhibition on the fly.

“The basic premise is there must be other ways to present art works to people in public galleries than the way we normally do,” says Murchie. “This project is hoping to reflect reality better than most exhibitions do, in the sense that most of our lives aren’t driven by some thesis or end view. It’s more as things go along we respond to what happens.”


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