Demonstration and Rational Demons

October 2, 2008

By Mike Landry
Andrew Taggart's maquette for a demon.

Andrew Taggart's maquette for a demon.

Google searching the definition of demonstration doesn’t turn up anything particularly interesting. You’ve most likely used the word hundreds of times and thought nothing of it. But Canadian born Norway-based sculptor/installation artist Andrew Taggart can’t help but see something sinister in the word.

His newest exhibition Demonstration and Rational Demons features various soft and hard sculptures of “demons, owls, walruses, and whoever else shows up” around a fire.

“The work evolved from an investigation into the concept of “demonstration,” and how the words “demon” and “monster” hover within the word itself,” says Taggart. “Showing art can be seen a demonstrative process, I am interested in the rituals and behaviours that accompany this form of demonstration, be they dark, absurd, sacred, powerful or alienating.”

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