Votes for Sleepwalkers

October 2, 2008

By Mike Landry
Brady Marks' "Pointing" is part of VIVO's "Votes For Sleepwalkers".

Brady Marks' "Pointing" is part of VIVO's "Votes For Sleepwalkers".

The pieces part of Vancouver’s VIVO Media Arts Centre‘s coming Votes for Sleepwalkers exhibition seem like they were pulled from an futuristic art show as envisioned by a 1950’s sci-fi novelist. There’s spy codes, shifting lights, tiny cinemas and a gallery plinth that can see you. A typewriter that emits music as you type. A motion/light activated wave making machine. An orange chair fitted with a motorized helmet that gives you partial control of the sounds you make. They’re delightfully intriguing as they are impractical.

The experimental creations are the offspring of VIVO’s Studio LAB, which offers workshops and facilitates collaborative projects for electronic media artists and technology enthusiasts.

“It is a kind of a bridging of education production and presentation. It is about experimentation really through the space, peer support, technical assistance, mentorship,” says SLAB programmer and project coordinator is Dinka Pignon. “Some of the artists are established artists while others are emerging, but each of them is pretty new to the technology they are using.”


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