Disco Sec

October 23, 2008

Migone started working on the initial eponymous audio piece in 2004. He was inspired to work with his record collection after successfully publishing a book compiled from the first sentences and last words from his library. For “Disco Sec” he selected 100 records representative of his listening history and stripped the first and last second of each track simultaneously. The playback of these seconds follows the placement in time on the original albums.

It took a while to choose the right records to include in the piece, and Migone decided early on to only use CDs so he could easily capture the tracks. He settled on using only 100 albums, because he felt the piece would be too full of sound if he included everything he could. For the show, he includes the albums, artists and song titles used in the piece rearranged to make new sentences, like “Nevermind The Leader, We Are All Evol Osama Prostitutes.”

Along with the “Disco Sec” audio piece, Migone has compiled “Second Second,” which takes the second second from the second track of 200 albums arranged to playback at the same time as they appeared on the original album. There are also two works that involve the laser cutting of records, and two text-based works rearranging the lyrics from singles and double albums alphabetically.

“In some ways Disco Sec is a study on nostalgia, both form a critical perspective and also admitting that I do have moments of nostalgia, especially through music. Certain songs and records place you back at the time when they were significant to you.”

As he was constructing the show he would often listen to the audio pieces at home. It made good background music. He noticed how even just the short bursts of sound followed by silence evoked the rest of the song and gave the impression of listening to the album. Although it stops on the CD player, it acts as a memory trigger and keeps playing in your mind.

“It’s almost like a name that tune game. Depending on your generation and your taste in music you’ll recognize something or you won’t…That’s really part of my intention—to have all these moments of jumping in time by the people who go see the show.”

Disco Sec will be on display from Fri October 24 – Sat November 29 at Toronto’s Mercer Union.

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