Making Of

October 23, 2008

Modeled from popular DVD “Making Of…” bonus features, the pieces speak to the artistic process. Lefevre is using the process as a means in and of itself to create the art, rather than technique and skill. It’s a reflection of his belief that the best artwork comes from accident and occurrence.

“One of the things that annoys me about a lot of artwork is when it’s too thought out and there’s no room for randomness or improvisation.”

His latest exhibition is an extreme step forward in his experimentation with distorting preconceived ideas of art. It’s something that he feels makes his work just as valuable as someone appealing to subjective ideas of beauty and artistic expression.

His experiments aren’t always a success. He says a lot of times his creations were “just too sucky to be in a show.” He only keeps the works that are aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

There were also quite a bit of projects that were just logistically impossible. He spent hours trying to make a long thin pole from wooden blinds, and trying to balance things on a triangle. But these failures influenced the show, even if they aren’t on display themselves.

“Failure is probably one of the best human achievements ever.”

When it comes to success, Lefevre says the best compliment he can get is when people say they don’t “get” his work. It means that he successfully avoided their expectations of what art should be through the straightforwardness of his work.

“I’ve found something I want to keep pursuing for a while, doing really simple, dumbed-down works. Being silly is basically the main thing for me.”

Making Of will be on display from Fri October 24 – Fri November 21 at Moncton’s Galerie Sans Nom.

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