October 23, 2008

By Mike Landry
Get animated with Diane Landry's washing machine cinema.

Get animated with Diane Landry's washing machine cinema.

Looking at her secondhand washing machine fills Quebec City-based artist Diane Landry with appreciation for the convenience. Not only because for 12 years she schlepped her clothes to her local Laundromat, but because she can remember hovering around the machines all the time during her childhood.

The washing machine in her piece Stolen Waters isn’t all that different from her mother’s or the one quietly sitting in her home. The only difference is the mirrored cylinder sitting on the machines spinner reflecting an image of a woman. Landry has a few of the machines now, each with a different image of a woman.

“I try to keep [my objects] mostly the same without transforming them. By not modifying them you recognize the object but it doesn’t work the way you used to see it. But it’s still a washing machine. It’s possible after the exhibition for the washing machine to be a washing machine again.”


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